The Beginning: Charlie and the Dream

He was on this monstrous bridge.  It didn’t connect one place to another place though, as bridges normally do.  It just existed in space.  In this magnificent, neverending sky.  A sky that surrounds the bridge.  A sky that surrounded…

The Game of Kings, Kipling, and Ritual: Strange Bedfellows

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What struck Charlie as he dug deeper into the extensive philosophical and metaphysical systems that were created by Plato and even more so by Aristotle was an abandonment of the faith based mythological traditions of their predecessors in lieu…

Meditation and the Mind: The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

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This review of the Cosmology of the ancients, their similarities and differences, their relationship to power and authority, were all intellectually interesting and of course relevant for that thesis that Charlie had to produce, but not so…