Judeo-Christian Cosmology: A Comparative Perspective

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The primary source for Judeo-Christian cosmology is can be found in the early part of the Bible[1], primarily in Genesis of course[2].  The challenge when looking at the Bible from a purely academic and historical perspective however, is that…
School of Athens

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle: First Philosophy

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Leaving aside the Indo-Aryan Vedic tradition, representing the root philosophical and religious tradition of the East, the emergence of philosophy as a branch of thought ran parallel with the advent of Ancient Greek civilization.  What was…

Reason and Logic: The Precursors to Science

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It's clear in studying early religion and philosophy that mythology and cosmology in antiquity was not only theological in nature, but also had a political motive as well.  But at some point in antiquity there was a break from which reason and knowledge was…

Creation Mythology in Antiquity: Order out of Chaos

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Introduction: Creation Myths in Antiquity Any cursory study of Egyptian and Sumer-Babylonian creation mythology yielded parallels and similarities, but was much less clear and open to debate was whether or not these similarities, these mythemes…

The Scientific Revolution: God Learns Analytic Geometry and Calculus

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After much study and analysis then, it was clear to Charlie that there was no notion of this hard distinction/separation of subject and object in the ancient cosmological and philosophical systems of thought that developed in the ancient civilizations…