The Image of Man

God made in the image of Man A reflection of the highest ideal by definition as it were Circling each other Like two big goldfish In a pool of water Laying at the feet of Buddha himself Many shapes and… Read More ›

What can we do?

We look around and what do we see? As we live our little boxes in the sky Or our homes that we build on plotted our land With food processed and shipped And the environment raped to serve our needs… Read More ›

Spirit of the Game

The lines are drawn The rules are set The racquets in hand The balls are in play The points are played out Within the confines of the court And the strategies are employed To find the weak the spot of… Read More ›

As Easy as One, Two, Three

Numbers are an interesting thing really One could, elementarily (both figuratively and definitively) Break down the Western and Eastern ways of thinking Into as easy as 1, 2, 3 – A, B, C Pythagoras starts with the Monad, From which… Read More ›

The Mad Hatter

We chase these dreams We run from these demons In this grand illusion This great game That has been set before us So many of us Find all sorts of reasons Causes and excuses Why this is that Why things… Read More ›