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  • Beginner’s Mind

    The odd thing Is that every Westerner Approaches the practice of meditation With a goal in mind Without exception The even odder thing Is that from an Eastern point of view [Particularly Daoist/Zen Buddhist Which are very related and symbiotic… Read More ›

  • A Poem to a Friend

    What is friendship really? What is love really? Are they different? Are there different types of love? Is there no greater love No greater desire Than the dissolution of the many into the one Through the union of man and… Read More ›

  • The Great Cave of the Mind

    Allegory of the Cave

    So many teachings So many schools So many methods So many philosophies So many religions and creeds There is no end really As there exist different societies and nations All throughout the world There will always be different methods Which… Read More ›

  • Nature and Nurture

    Nature and Nurture Nature versus nurture The great psychological conundrum That we ask ourselves each and every day While we confront the challenges and obstacles That stand between us and what we want Obstacles as it turns out That could… Read More ›

  • Dharma and Duty

    What is duty? What is dharma? What is righteousness? What is unrighteousness? Adharma? And who is to decide? Volumes have been written Ethics and Morality The topic of so many treatises Throughout the ages Plato and Aristotle’s virtue The Areté… Read More ›

  • The Great Transformation

    Ego is an interesting thing An artifact of the mind Created by Freud At the beginning of the 20th century To describe one of the tripartite aspects Of the mental sheath of man Which governs and drives our behavior And… Read More ›

  • The Great Balancing Act

    There is no doubt A balance and equilibrium exists At the grand physical level of the universe As the innumerable galaxies And their suns and planets Came into existence And sustains itself In a vast and endless dance This balance… Read More ›

  • Vedic Worship

    To sit and submit The offering of incense and candles And be inspired By the life of the Master And those who came before us To show us the Way That there is some Truth To all the Teachings That… Read More ›

  • The Mind of Man

    There was a time Many moons ago When a small furry beast With two arms and two legs Five digits on both Came to walk upright They don’t know when And truthfully they don’t know why But when they did… Read More ›

  • Chasing Ghosts

    They dance and sing They poke and prod They captivate our Soul They press against our psyche Pretending to be friends Pretending to hold out the answer As if the Truth was theirs But what are they really? Ghosts of… Read More ›

  • Reason and Logic: The Precursors to Science

    It’s clear in studying early religion and philosophy that mythology and cosmology in antiquity was not only theological in nature, but also had a political motive as well.  But at some point in antiquity there was a break from which reason and knowledge was divorced from… Read More ›

  • The Reductionist West and Ancient Wisdom

    Modern science tells us that what we can truly say about empirical reality only has relative (Relativity) or statistical significance (Quantum Mechanics), Quantum Theory in particular calling into question the role of the observer[1] but each of these disciplines resting… Read More ›

  • Chinese Monotheism: Worship of Heaven (Shangdi)

    Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism (Daoism), all rich and prolific theo-philosophical traditions of the East which thrived in ancient times and still flourish today, were and are much more accepting of the worship of many different deities or aspects of… Read More ›

  • Confucian Philosophy in Antiquity

    Confucius (c. 551 – 479 BCE) stands alongside Laozi as one of the great independent Chinese philosophers in antiquity, supposedly having consulted Laozi on some aspects of funeral rights and being impressed with his insight, or so the tradition holds. … Read More ›

  • Divination in the I Ching

    Divination, omens, portents etc. was a common practice throughout all of the ancient world in fact.  As already mentioned we see the practice, and its relationship with the priestly class not only in ancient Greece but most certainly ancient Persia… Read More ›