The Snow Cone

The Hetu and Luoshu Diagrams: Numerology in Chinese Antiquity

What we can definitively say about how the underlying symbols of the Yijing were created can be ascertained primarily from the commentaries that survive and were appended to text itself … Continue reading

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Pythagoras and Plato: From the One to Many

Philosophy to the Greeks not only helped them understand the cosmos, creation and destruction of the universe and the essence of the natural world, but also the harmony within which … Continue reading

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The Fisherman and the Net: Geometric Symbolism in the Gospel of John (II of II)

  What we’re left with if we are to believe this geometric formulation of the miraculous tale of Jesus and the fishes with his seven disciples in the Sea of … Continue reading

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The Fisherman and the Net: Geometric Symbolism in the Gospel of John (I of II)

At this juncture a word must be said about some astronomical events and progressions that were at work around the time of Christ which played some role in the formulation … Continue reading

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What can we do?

We look around and what do we see? As we live our little boxes in the sky Or our homes that we build on plotted our land With food processed … Continue reading

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Spirit of the Game

The lines are drawn The rules are set The racquets in hand The balls are in play The points are played out Within the confines of the court And the … Continue reading

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As Easy as One, Two, Three

Numbers are an interesting thing really One could, elementarily (both figuratively and definitively) Break down the Western and Eastern ways of thinking Into as easy as 1, 2, 3 – … Continue reading

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